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January is the month everyone wants to start on the right foot. It’s especially the time to prepare a solid B2B marketing strategy that will be useful throughout the rest of the year. Most of the facets of negotiating in business-to-business sales are common knowledge but some fundamental and pragmatic approaches are what create winners. The attraction, negotiation and final conversion of turning prospects into clients is B2B sales can be complex but remembering certain sales situations and following basic guidelines will help seal the deal.

One of the best ways to optimize this is to have someone look at the bigger picture. To explain, look at the perspective and needs of the potential customers. Find out what they are looking for before making decisions concerning your products. Doing this will streamline the decision making process your team uses while taking the steps to ‘close the deal.’

Another step you can take in closing the deal is gaining a thorough knowledge of human psychology. Getting to know your prospect committee on an individual basis will give you a better understanding on how those individuals work and make decisions. Achieving this will allow you to be able to make the ‘win-win’ decisions that will benefit not just you but the other party as well.

Also, make it clear to your marketing strategy team that going into every meeting or negotiation with the same generic mindset. Dealing with business is, at the bare bones, dealing with humans. Make sure a bit of homework is done on each and every prospect so that each approach towards the deal is unique and geared towards their specific needs. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of closing the deal.

Your negotiating and marketing strategy team benefit if there is an undercurrent making the other party feel that you are genuinely interested in their business. There are always ways to make them feel that you will prefer them over others if you ever needed products they are offering.

With your team armed and focused on the big picture, that being others’ perspective, and based on a ‘give and take’ policy, your business is sure to boom in 2018.


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